Musée du Louvre (Louvre Museum)

Unidentified statue   (71k)

Could it be Napoleon?

Main Louvre Entry(62k)

The controversial pyramid entrance to the museum. We went inside, descended into main lobby, where we paused for expresso.

Patti across the Street   (61k)

This is the view approaching from across the bridge over the Seine.

Winged Victory  (54k)

Nothing to lose your head over!

Patti and Mona (55k)

It seems a bit small, no?

Venus di Milo and Poom   (70k)

Richelieu Pavillion   (74k)

One of the four main sections
of the museum.

Richelieu_Pavillion Deux   (68k)

Standing in front of the classy Richelieu Pavillian.

Patti and Pyramid   (63k)

This picture is for posterity.

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